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DJQ is one of the hottest DJs in Memphis, TN. From night clubs to mixtape hosting and radio shows, DJQ has done it all. Deejaying wasn’t always his focus growing up. In high school, Q’s main focus was starting college and becoming a star athlete. While in high school, Q had taken an internship at HOT 107.1 FM radio station in Memphis as a high school reporter during the final semester of his senior year. After graduation, Q went on to pursue his dreams of sports stardom at an out-of-state university.

However, everything changed shortly after making the move. He was injured while playing football and had to return home for treatment and therapy and attend the local university instead. Once home, his passion for Djing grew as he started going to Skate Land Raleigh, a local skating rink in the North Memphis area. It was there that he began to really learn the in’s and out’s of Djing and what it took to be a great DJ in Memphis.

After teaming up with North Starr Ent, two DJs, DJ Killa Cam and DJ Kenny Kaign, took him under their wing and taught him the technical skills of the art and how to use records. Soon, the trio became the hottest DJ team in North Memphis along with Hype Man Bware.

After a couple of years of grinding, DJ Q caught the attention of DJ Legend, The “North Memphis Gorilla Pimp”, Freddy Hydro, and the Ripp Squad DJs. These influences opened many doors for him, though Q had no idea what these connections would lead him to. It was Hydro who gave Q his first shot at Djing outside of the North Memphis area, introducing him to the club scene in West Memphis, AR at Club Unity. There, Q made a name for himself fast. He and Hydro made Unity one of the biggest after party spots in the Memphis area, and it was across the bridge.

These advancements lead to many new opportunities, including new gigs at the Plush Club, Martini Room and many others. Q had officially put his stamp on the city as one of the hottest DJs on the scene. Thanks to DJ Lil One, Q was given one of the biggest opportunity of his career…to become a member of HOT 107.1 FM, the very catalyst that sparked his interest in DJing as a teen.

As a new member of the street team, Q quickly worked his way up the ranks with hard work, dedication, persistence and ingenuity. By the end of his first year, he had begun to perform live mix shows on the weekends broadcasting from local night clubs. By his second year, he had begun to do overnight shows for the station which earned him a weekend spot on the air. By his third year of pushing his name in the clubs and streets, he was nominated for DJ of the year in 2010. Although he didn’t win, the disappointment only made him grind harder in 2011. He won in 2011 and again in 2012.

In 2011, Q was promoted as a full-time DJ and was given the night show on HOT 107.1 FM 7pm to midnight, which is now the #1 night show in Memphis, along with the new mixtape series called “Chose Gang Radio” which exclusively features only the hottest artists in Memphis, TN.

DJ Q has been Djing for ten years now and his brand is growing even more. He is a Cool Runnings DJ and has recently joined Maybach Music Group. He has one of the hottest promotional teams in the state, “Chose Gang” and he is just getting started. Stay tuned, because there is more to come!

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